About Lorna

Lorna is a registered Reflexology Practitioner. She is a member of the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland (NRRI).  The NRRI is a non-profit Professional Body dedicated to regulating the practice of reflexology as a complementary therapy in Ireland, through qualified registered members. 

Registered members are recognised by leading healthcare providers.

After studying for her degree in Pharmaceutical Science, Lorna began her career in the pharma industry working in areas such as New Product Development and Research for large pharmaceutical companies. She has always had an interest in Natural Medicine and Complementary healing going back to her college days and the study of pharmacology.

The origins of our global pharmaceutical industry stem from the most basic of plant life that are then synthetically mass produced for their benefit to the healthcare industry. This has of course regulated the way illness is treated clinically but along the way holistic care has been lost in many areas of conventional medicine. This is why after many years of working in the pharma industry Lorna took a step back and decided to explore other avenues of healthcare.

With her scientific roots and a need to find a complementary therapy with robust research behind its efficacy Lorna decided to focus on Reflexology. She completed her Diploma with Distinction through the well respected Irish school of Reflexology under the tutorship of Tatiana Grosso and Sr. Brega Whelan.

Lorna completed further training in the areas of Women’s health through the London Academy of Reflexology with Hagar Basis and has gone on to complete continuous professional development training in Maternity and Fertility Reflexology through the Obus School of healing therapies.
Lorna continues to upgrade her qualifications to ensure she is using the best techniques that will yield the best results.

About the Feet

The human foot is a strong and complex mechanical structure. Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Our feet tell the story of our lives that we have lived. Always look after your feet and do not neglect them. If you are having problems with your feet always speak with your family doctor or chiropodist. They will give you the best advice on treating corns, ingrown nails and fungal infections.

The ever changing characteristics of the feet provide valuable clues as to our inner needs. Each foot is unique as is each person who comes for treatment. Having regular reflexology treatments will keep the body in a more healthy and balanced state. 

About the Hands

Hand Reflexology works on the same principle as foot reflexology. It can be used as an alternative in situations where there is neither time nor space to work on the feet. It is also useful if someone has a broken bone or injury to the foot as well as times when there may be a foot infection. It can be a useful tool as homework post foot reflexology in order to maintain optimum wellness.